Welcome to Sticky Fingers


We have been involved in the running of children, teenager and adult workshops and events at festivals and other public spaces in the UK and Europe for 20 years.

Our children’s art and craft creative workshops have been a regular feature at Glastonbury and WOMAD for the past 12 years. 

We can call on an experienced team of people committed to providing a professional and rewarding experience to children and teenagers. 

We can build and organise the entire area and understand how everything works behind the scenes at a festival. 

As well as children’s activities we can also organise bars, cafes and cabaret spaces.

With extensive experience of the whole festival infrastructure, from workshops and performance to recycling, welfare and management - our festival experience is totally across the board.

Phone: 07977542794    Fax: 01209 860035    Email: stickyfingerskids@gmail.com

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